Dear Edgar, I hope the trivial accusations of the Quack don't trouble you. What's a sound mind but a dead one, after all? And thank you for the well wishes in your last message. I'm wretchedly busy of late and thus have not done very much writing, though I'm delighted to see that you press on with your own! It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Cheers!

Gosh…my dear friend hi….thank you ever so much for your kind message…it is always a pleasure to hear from you….I am of a mind to agree with you on the merits of a “sound mind” for what is a sound mind to the medical profession but a conformity to the mundane the trivial and a banality of thought…a sound mind should be that which rises above the “reasoned” realm…sours beyond the stars and occupies that which is the beauty of the universe…lots of love….:) Edgar